PROJECT: LaFĂ©emarraine

Landing Page, Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Stripe Payment Gateway, Calendly (online appointment scheduling) and more… Enjoy 😉

About the organization

La FĂ©e Marraine was born of an unexpected combination of circumstances. From the start of her adult life, owner Natacha Lafond has always sought to discover the deeper meaning of her life. Motherhood gave her a lot of answers. You could say that her role as a mother revealed her to herself. However, there was still an unfinished part of her personal ambitions, and she could never figure out how to fulfill this part of herself. It took several years to reach the point where everything was crystal clear.

Its mission is to support positive, open-minded future parents who want to be optimally involved and equipped for the arrival of their child, so that they feel solid, confident and in control of the situation.

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How a landing page turned into a transactional site...

We started our collaboration with a landing page + Google Ads combination and ended up with a complete transactional website.

Our goals

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Our objectives with this project

Build an optimized landing page for their services

An optimized landing page enabling customers who come across us on the Internet thanks to our Google Ads campaign to understand our many services and book an appointment directly via videoconferencing.

Creating an effective, localized Google Ads campaign

Analyze the provincial market for birth support services to create a Google Ads – Search campaign to reach customers looking for these services in Quebec.

Automatic appointment system

Due to the nature of her work, she can rarely answer the phone. Of course, this poses a problem when we want to promote our services to potential customers. So we integrated an automated online telephone appointment booking system, allowing prospects to consult Natacha’s schedule.

Build a Facebook Messenger list with live chat

Do you ever have a question you want answered quickly? If so, you may be one of those people who prefers to communicate via live chat. A Messenger chat was therefore integrated into the landing page , using software called ManyChat to automate responses.

Distribute your courses online

In addition to in-person group classes, she has created an online service offering stand-alone classes for parents unable to visit a boutique.

To enable us to accept payments securely, we have integrated Stripe and linked it to our Mailchimp list.

Separate prenatal classes from other services

The complexity of distributing the various prenatal courses on offer forced us to create a landing page separate from the main website.

This decision has increased the fluidity of the website and boosted the conversion rate for these secondary services.

Do you want to increase your sales and acquire more customers through the Web?

Strategies deployed

Needs analysis

La FĂ©e Marraine’s needs were multiple and complex. We had to create a fluid and simple platform for its multiple variations of prenatal courses, as well as a landing page that could be used to promote its related services.

These multiple platforms not only had to be simple and fluid, they also had to respect the company’s brand image and be optimized for visitor conversion.

Creating the landing page

To avoid overloading potential customers with a mountain of services and information, a landing page separate from the main website was essential.

A multi-step form and several mobile and computer call-to-actions were strategically placed on it.

Website creation

We decided to start from scratch , using the “WordPress” CMS and the highly fluid and modifiable “Divi” theme.

Following an initial needs analysis, we decided to opt for a 3-page structure:

– Group courses
– Online courses
– Private lessons (In lightbox)

Planning your Google Ads strategy

To attract customers looking for its services, we decided to opt for an acquisition strategy via Google Ads.

Google Ads allows us to be predictable from one month to the next, providing us with stable, quality leads with an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Tool integration

Due to the nature of his work, answering the phone to talk to potential new customers was not an option.

We therefore integrated an online calendar for automated telephone appointments (Calendly) to free up valuable time for the company owner.

A system for payment and automatic distribution of the online course also had to be integrated into the site in order, once again, to save the owner a lot of time. A combination of APIs was used, and the following software packages were used:

– Stripe
– Calendly
– Mailchimp
– WordPress

Creating Facebook Ads

Following the Google Ads campaign and these positive results, we have decided to include a customer acquisition strategy based on Facebook Ads that will focus only on group prenatal classes and not on related services.


Our client, Natacha Lafond of LaFĂ©eMarraine, gave us the mandate to create a small revolution in the traditional field of birth attendants.

Following the development of a combined Google Ads/Facebook Ads strategy and the creation of a landing page capable of showcasing our range of services, we succeeded in dominating search results for the various search terms related to birth attendants.

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