The Tonic of the Web

Web Tonic is a gang of web enthusiasts not afraid of a challenge. Over the years, we’ve specialized in customer acquisition (lead-gen) via Google Ads as well as search engine optimization (SEO), and have diversified our techniques to include LinkedIn marketing, email marketing and more.

Founded by web marketing specialist Cédric Pharand, Web Tonic specializes in PPC and SEO for the self-employed and SMEs of the world.

The general idea is to take the expensive web marketing techniques and approaches of the big companies and make them accessible to smaller and medium-sized players.

How can we do that, you ask? Great question!

In fact, there’s nothing secret or magical about it. We’ve decided to focus on certain services that we know will be profitable for our customers, and whose benefits will be calculable. We specialize in a few very specific services for a specific clientele

Our philosophy at Web Tonic is to open the doors of web marketing to one and all.

Human contact

When you’re a Web Tonic customer, you’re part of the family. Whether you have a question about your Google Ads campaign or need a software recommendation for your lead tracking, we’re always here to answer and advise.

Web popularization

Whether it’s during our video meetings or our e-mail exchanges, you can be sure you’ll always understand what we’re talking about. Are you unfamiliar with the concepts of cost per click, conversion value and call tracking? We take the time to explain them to you, so that you too can become a real expert in the field.

24/7 support

Web Tonic is based above all, yes, on the profitability of the campaigns we produce for our customers(ROI), but communication and popularization are equally important elements. All our plans include unlimited 24/7 email support where you can ask any question that comes to mind.

Outstanding performance

We’ve managed to generate over $50M in sales to our customers since the beginning.

As a performance agency, our results are quantifiable, and we’re proud of what we achieve every day.

Multiplied return on investment

The primary aim of implementing a marketing strategy is toincrease sales and obtain a positive return on this investment.

That’s why our agency focuses exclusively on the strategies and technologies that will help you achieve these goals.

We don’t succumb to the latest marketing trends or secrets. Everything we do is focused on the tangible returns you can expect.

No contract

In short, we don’t believe in mandatory long-term contracts in the world of web marketing.

We believe that results speak for themselves, and that a happy, satisfied customer is one with whom you don’t need a contract.

Our founder

Expert in customer acquisition since 2015 and creator of the world’s #1 Google Ads Francophone training course.

A serial entrepreneur who launched his first (micro) business at the age of 16, Cédric has been immersed in web marketing since 2014 and launched Web Tonic in 2016.

A seasoned traveler with over 200 flights under his belt, you’ll find Cédric in a café in Bali, a coworking space in Dubai or an office in Montreal.

Having helped over 400 companies and more than 40,000 entrepreneurs with either the Web Tonic agency or via his online training courses, he is now recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in Google Ads and organic search engine optimization (SEO).

In 2021, Cédric published the largest French-language online training course on Google Ads, containing 13 hours of HD videos spread over 110 videos.



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