SEO Packages (Search Engine Optimization)

Leave it to our SEO specialists to lift your website to the top of the first page of Google.
“More than 95% of people don’t visit the second page of Google during an internet search.” – Google

What is SEO?

Sometimes called “organic SEO” or “natural SEO,” search engine optimization is quite simply the set of techniques and procedures used to rank a website on the first page of search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) for certain keywords or search terms.

The techniques used to achieve this result can be separated into 2 main categories: onsite and offsite.

Q) What is onsite SEO?
A) We’re talking about onsite optimization when the improvements and techniques used to increase your site’s ranking directly affect the structure or content of your site. For example, adding content and text as well as improving the loading speed of your site are two onsite SEO techniques.

Q) What is offsite SEO?
A) These are techniques that do not directly affect your website or its structure, like adding inbound links or quotes from other websites. The more Google trusts the sites that are linking to yours, the more your site will climb the search results. Metrics such as DA (Domain Authority) and TF (Trust Flow) report the “power” of a website or incoming link, to a certain extent.

Lasting Results

First page of Google

In contrast to Google Ads, where you have to continually pay to be on the first page of Google, SEO provides websites with sustainable, stable, and “free” visibility on that same first page.

Exclusive Customer Dashboard

We are proud to provide all our customers with a personalized dashboard, which is accessible 24/7. This provides you with real-time statistics on your call tracking, ROI, inbound links, quotes created, conversions and many other metrics essential to an effective and profitable SEO campaign.

No Need to Break the Bank

Doing business with Web Tonic means that every penny of your marketing budget will be spent wisely on the right keywords that have high conversion potential. We use a hybrid onsite and offsite technique to build a site that will climb the search results and stay there for a long time. Ranking first on Google has never been easier or more affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already tried SEO and it didn’t work, how can you help me?
Have you already done SEO, but haven’t seen any results, or were the results rather disappointing? The sad reality is that while there are several SEO agencies out there, very few of them are effective.

Since SEO is a little fuzzy for most people, we’ve unfortunately seen several agencies offer SEO services over the years, without a clue as to what they’re doing. Our industry’s reputation has suffered because of these bad practices, and we are on a mission to restore it.

At Web Tonic, you don’t have to take our word for it. Look at the testimonials of our wonderful customers, and you’ll see the positive results they’ve achieved from collaborating with us.

What return on investment can I expect?
The return on investment of an SEO campaign varies widely from one line of business to another. After the first few months of the campaign, we will have a more precise idea of the ROI based on the conversion tags, position analysis and tracking tools that we will install on your website.

SEO is so beneficial because it is a medium- to long-term investment, and once you reach the first page of Google, you get “free” advertising with minimal maintenance for years to come.

How long before I can expect to see results?
SEO is a medium- to long-term strategy. You have to give Google some time to refresh its index and for its robots to crawl your site.

Although results differ from one industry to another because of the various levels of competition (local vs. national, insurance vs. window washing, etc.), our customers observe tangible results after 3 to 5 months of work.

Remember that a good portion of traffic will come—not from the main keywords that we’re targeting—but from many long-tail keywords. These long-tail keywords will result from the SEO work carried out on the main keywords.

We must therefore track the growth of the number of visitors as well as their conversion rate, which are just as important as the ranking of the main keywords.

Do you guarantee results?
Although we have proven ourselves in producing hundreds of new prospects every month for our customers, no serious agency can guarantee you results.
What we can guarantee you, however, is flawless support and commitment until your plan to take over the world has been successfully carried out 😉

Are you an SME or a self-employed person?

We can help you make generate more income from the web starting today.

The Tonic Effect!

Inbound link campaign

All of our packages include inbound link campaigns to your website from sites and blogs trusted by advanced metrics (Domain Authority & Trust Flow)

Better Web Visibility

Reach the first page of Google for your paid keywords, get the visibility needed to acquire customers looking for your services at any hour, and, what’s more, do so in a sustainable way.

SEO Maps and Organic SEO

Find your business on the first page of Google Maps as well as in the organic search results of various search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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Our Packages

Whether you are self-employed or an SME, we have THE package adapted to your needs!

Included with all our SEO packages:

 Full SEO audit ⓘ

  Competition analysis ⓘ

 Creation of objectives ⓘ

Account manager ⓘ

 Search for ideal keywords ⓘ

 Citations Creation ⓘ

 Inbound link creation ⓘ

24/7 email support ⓘ

 Cleaning of irregular NAPs ⓘ

 Live position tracking ⓘ

 JSON Schema ⓘ

 Creation and Optimization of GMB ⓘ

Google Analytics integration ⓘ

Call Tracking ⓘ

Call recording (if desired) ⓘ

 Competitive intelligence ⓘ

 Add Open Graph metadata ⓘ

 XML site map ⓘ

 Google Search Console integration ⓘ

Personalized Dashboard ⓘ

The creation process

Let's Talk!

We meet and discuss your current situation, your needs and your goals. We then analyze together if we are able to help you and if we are a good fit for your business.

We build

Following our initial discussion, we build and put in place the structures necessary to carry out the mandate. Landing page, personalized dashboard, call tracking, optimized Google Ads or SEO campaign, etc.

We analyse

Once the structures and procedures are in place, we take the time to analyze the results obtained and compare them to the objectives in order to obtain an overview of the strategy implemented. You have access to your personalized dashboard and campaign statistics at all times.

We optimize

A winning marketing strategy is always evolving. Continuous optimization of this type of campaign is essential and this is included with all our plans in addition to coming with unlimited 24/7 email support. Optimization allows us to continually push the limits of our campaigns and to continuously improve them.

What our clients say about us

We can say we are the prettiest and finest, but if you want to hear it from real business owners, read on.

Do you have a brick and mortal business or an eCommerce?

We can help you increase your online revenue starting today.

Web Tonic is a gang of web enthusiasts who are not afraid of a challenge. Over the years, we have specialized in customer acquisition (lead-gen) via Google Ads as well as search engine optimization (SEO), and we have diversified our techniques to integrate LinkedIn marketing, email marketing and much more.
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