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Get started with creating a website

Creating or redesigning a website is an important step in growing your business. Several factors must be taken into account in order to obtain a result that meets your expectations and that aligns with your ultimate goal.

At Web Tonic, we understand that creating a website can be a long and complex task, which is why we offer turnkey solutions as well as continuous support throughout the process.

Having created websites of all kinds for several different types of clientele, we are able to identify your needs and advise you on all the aspects of website creation:

  • Type of website to create (Showcase, eCommerce, Landing Page, etc.)
  • CMS to use (WordPress, Magento, Shopify, etc.)
  • Graphics and images to use
  • Your industry’s current criteria in terms of technology
  • The required number of pages versus your competition
  • SEO techniques to set up on the site
  • Automation of tasks and collecting leads (CMR, automated calendar, multi-step form, etc.)
  • Type of server and hosting to use
  • Redirecting your old URLs
  • Standardizing your brand image with your social media
  • And more…

As you can see, creating a website goes much further than just designing it. A multitude of factors must be taken into account, and our team will support you throughout this process in order to create an efficient, elegant and speedy website that will meet all your needs.

The Advantages of Web Tonic

Optimized for Conversion

A combination of aesthetic design and conversion design is essential in order to achieve a result that will be visually attractive, but that will also be effective in terms of sales and collecting leads. All of our websites are designed with this balance in mind.

High-Performance Website

Consumers are increasingly demanding in terms of the loading speed of a website. We ensure that the code on our sites is super fast and that the servers hosting them are among the best in the industry.

Video Training Included

Gone are the days when you had to pay an agency or programmer every time you wanted to change text, images, or colors on your website. All our sites are created with technology that allows you to modify everything quickly and by yourself. We also provide training videos to show you how to make these changes.

Turnkey Site

Let us handle all the aspects of creating your website. Our team can take care of the design, text, images, style, and all other secondary elements that make a website successful as soon as it’s launched.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to create an efficient and well designed website?
At Web Tonic, we are able to offer you a high-quality website starting at only $1,500.

We are able to offer you so much value for such a low price due to the creation and standardization process that we have developed over the years, which allows us to avoid all the usual complications that arise when creating a new website.

Are your websites mobile-optimized?
Absolutely! With internet traffic now coming mainly from mobile devices, all our websites are designed for phones and tablets.
What technology (CMS) do you use to create a website?
We mainly use WordPress or Shopify for the creation of our websites according to the type of site desired (Showcase or eCommerce).

These two platforms are currently used in the majority of active websites and have already proven themselves both in terms of design and security.

Will I be able to chat with the developer in charge of my project?
Yes, and active communication on your part is greatly encouraged! Although our creation process is efficient, rigorous and standardized, you still have access to the programmer who takes care of the creation of your future website. They will keep you informed at each stage of your website development and will regularly ask you questions to achieve visually and technically appropriate results that will meet your criteria and that of your industry.
What is the process for creating a website?

There are several steps involved in designing a website, but here is a brief summary of the procedure:

  • Initial introduction and definition of needs and expectations
  • Sketch based on the initial meeting
  • Approval or modification of the sketch
  • Website development
  • Integration of text and images
  • Final changes
  • Website delivery
  • Video and email support as needed
How long does it take to create a website?
The creation of a website normally takes between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the task.

*Exceptions may apply to complex websites with demanding customization requests.

Will redesigning my website automatically make me sell more products/services?
Chances are yes, but it would be good to start thinking about the different marketing options available (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook Ads, etc.)!
Why choose Web Tonic rather than another agency?
Very good question! I will of course promote my business because I think we are the best in our field, but there are also some very good web agencies in Canada. What sets us apart from the rest (besides our unconditional dedication to our customers 😉) is the following:
1: We have tested almost every possible marketing and website building technique currently available. We are therefore able to set the record straight on the right strategies and technologies to adopt, and those to avoid.

2: We put our customers first! The choices that a web agency makes should always be adapted to your personal situation, and it should take into account the different factors specific to you and your business. We take the time to listen to you and determine if our agency is a good fit for your business.

3: The general idea with Web Tonic is to bring in the techniques that big companies use, which are very expensive, and to make them accessible to everyone.

Are you an SME or a self-employed person?

We can help you make more money from the web today.

The Tonic Effect!

Landing Page, Showcase Site & eCommerce

Depending on your needs, our team of web specialists can advise you on the best type of website to create. Do you only need a landing page, or is an eCommerce site essential to your business?

On-site SEO included

Significantly increase the chances of your business being on the first page of Google Maps as well as in the organic search results of various search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

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The Creation Process


We meet and discuss your current situation, needs and goals. We then analyze whether we are able to help you and if we are a good fit for your business.


After our initial discussion, we create and put in place the structures necessary to carry out the assignment.

Here are the steps:

  • Sketch based on the initial meeting
  • Approval or modification of the sketch
  • Website development
  • Integration of text and images


After delivering the first version of the website, you and the developer analyze the entire site to ensure that it’s perfect and meets your expectations.


After the final delivery of the website, we are always around to help you manage it. We also provide training videos to show you how to make these changes directly on your website and by yourself.

Some of Our Creations

Our Packages

Whether you are self-employed or an SME, we have THE package adapted to your needs!



Text writing

Our professional French and English-speaking writers are happy to create the text that will end up on your website, in your blog articles or even on your social media.

Cost: 0.20CAD/word

Extra language

Do you want your website to be available in several languages? We’ll take care of everything so that all of your pages will be available in this second language. We will also implement the SEO structure of multiple languages.

Cost: Depends on the project

Advanced Customization

Do you want an exceptional option that requires personalized web development? This option, charged on an hourly basis, is ideal for unique projects.

Cost: 90CAD / hour

As you can see, creating a dynamic, fast, high-quality website is not as easy as you think. It involves several steps both before and after the design to make sure we reach our ultimate goal of delivering a visually appealing, stable website that sells more products or services.

Would you like a quote for designing a website? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to take a look right away.

What our clients say about us

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Web Tonic is a gang of web enthusiasts who are not afraid of a challenge. Over the years, we have specialized in customer acquisition (lead-gen) via Google Ads as well as search engine optimization (SEO), and we have diversified our techniques to integrate LinkedIn marketing, email marketing and much more.


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