The 7 Essentials of a Profitable Sales Landing Page


Building a landing page that converts and sells your products and services is within everyone’s reach.

However, it must contain certain elements that have been identified over time as being directly linked to an increase in conversion rates, and therefore to an increase in return on investment (ROI).

Discover these 7 essential elements in this short video.

About the author

Cédric Pharand – Co-founder of Web Tonic and travel enthusiast

A seasoned traveler with more than 120 flights to his credit, Cédric created his first incorporated company at the age of 19 and sold it a few years later in a desire to work around the world (laptop lifestyle 😉 ). When he’s not talking about himself in the third person, you’ll find Cedric in a café a little too hipster, refreshing his Google Ads dashboard far too often.

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