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Leave it to our specialists certified in Google Ads Experts to create, manage and optimize your customer acquisition campaigns so that you can generate the best possible return on investment (ROI).
“Over 86% of people in Canada search the internet when they need to find a business.”

What is Google Ads and PPC?

Formerly called “AdWords,” Google Ads is the Google platform that allows businesses, eCommerce and entrepreneurs to promote targeted advertising on different Google properties (search engines, partner sites, YouTube, etc.). Advertising on these platforms allows you to target your ideal customer at the exact moment when they are ready to buy your services or products.

In addition to enabling our clients to attract cold traffic from people who have never had contact with your business, we are able to retarget these same people, which significantly increases the conversion rate.

PPC (pay-per-click) is a term used in web marketing that combines the different methods of web advertising so that the customer is mainly billed per click (as opposed to time spent on the site or the number of impressions).

Immediate Results

First Page of Google

Google Ads is the fastest way to reach the first page of Google. In just a few days, you will have reached that coveted front page, and your services will be exposed to thousands of potential new customers looking for exactly what you’re offering.

Personalized Customer Dashboard

We are proud to provide a personalized dashboard that is accessible 24/7 to all our customers. This provides you with real-time statistics on your call tracking, return on investment, expenses, conversions and many other metrics essential to an effective and profitable campaign.

Precise and Efficient Targeting

Doing business with Web Tonic means that every penny of your marketing budget will be spent wisely on customers interested in your services and who have high conversion potential. We use a SKAG (single keyword per ad group) technique as well as negative keywords on each of our campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Web Tonic rather than another agency?
Very good question! I will of course promote my business because I think we are the best in our field, but there are also some very good web agencies in Canada. What sets us apart from the rest (besides our unconditional dedication to our customers 😉) is the following:

1: We have tested almost every possible marketing and website building technique currently available. We are therefore able to set the record straight on the right strategies and technologies to adopt, and those to avoid.

2: We put our customers first! The choices that a web agency makes should always be adapted to your personal situation, and it should take into account the different factors specific to you and your business. We take the time to listen to you and determine if our agency is a good fit for your business.

3: The general idea with Web Tonic is to bring in the techniques that big companies use, which are very expensive, and to make them accessible to everyone.

I’m already doing Google Ads, can you help me?
Are you already using Google Ads but don’t see any results, or are the results rather disappointing? We can take charge of your existing campaign and make it profitable. Once we take on your campaign, we do several things:

– Review the keywords used and analyze the competition
– Remove unprofitable Ad Groups and completely clean the campaigns
– Integrate code snippets that enable us to calculate the campaign’s ROI
– Implement Ad Extensions
– Add negative keywords
– And more…

– Better CTR (click-through rate)
– Lower cost per click (CPC)
– Increase in ROI (return on investment)

What return on investment can I expect?
The return on investment of a Google Ads campaign varies widely from one sector to another. After the first few weeks of the campaign, we will have a more precise idea. Thanks to the conversion tags that we will install on your website or landing page, it will be very easy to calculate the return on investment.

To give you an idea, our average conversion rate on landing pages is between 5 and 20%.

How long before I can expect to see results?
Within the first few days after launching the campaign, you’ll see tangible results. That is, you’ll receive calls and submission requests via email.
How much is this going to cost me each month?
That’s entirely up to you. Google Ads allows us to adjust our daily budget at any time.

To see promising results, we recommend $10/day minimum.

Do you guarantee results?
Although we’ve proven ourselves in producing hundreds of new prospects every month for our customers, no serious agency can guarantee you results.

What we can guarantee you, however, is flawless support and commitment until your plan to take over the world has been successfully carried out 😉

Are you an SME or a self-employed person?

We can help you make generate more income from the web starting today.

The Tonic Effect!

Increase on ROI

Leave it to us to increase your return on investment, as we have years of experience working with companies such as yours.

Better Web Visibility

Reach the first page of Google in just a few days and get the visibility needed to acquire customers searching for your services at any hour.

Laser Targeting

Acquire new customers who match your geographic, qualitative, and quantitative criteria today!

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Our Packages

Whether you are self-employed or an SME, we have THE package adapted to your needs!

Included with all our Google Ads packages:

 Administrator access ⓘ

Creation of objectives

Account creation

Exclusive personalized dashboard ⓘ

Single account manager ⓘ

24/7 email support ⓘ

Call Tracking ⓘ

Call recording (if desired) ⓘ

Google Analytics Integration ⓘ

Monthly optimization ⓘ

Ad extensions ⓘ

 A/B Testing ⓘ

Addition of negative keywords ⓘ

Some of our landing pages

The creation process

Let's Talk!

We meet and discuss your current situation, your needs and your goals. We then analyze together if we are able to help you and if we are a good fit for your business.

We build

Following our initial discussion, we build and put in place the structures necessary to carry out the mandate. Landing page, personalized dashboard, call tracking, optimized Google Ads or SEO campaign, etc.

We analyse

Once the structures and procedures are in place, we take the time to analyze the results obtained and compare them to the objectives in order to obtain an overview of the strategy implemented. You have access to your personalized dashboard and campaign statistics at all times.

We optimize

A winning marketing strategy is always evolving. Continuous optimization of this type of campaign is essential and this is included with all our plans in addition to coming with unlimited 24/7 email support. Optimization allows us to continually push the limits of our campaigns and to continuously improve them.

What our clients say about us

We can say we are the prettiest and finest, but if you want to hear it from real business owners, read on.

Do you have a brick and mortal business or an eCommerce?

We can help you increase your online revenue starting today.

Web Tonic is a gang of web enthusiasts who are not afraid of a challenge. Over the years, we have specialized in customer acquisition (lead-gen) via Google Ads as well as search engine optimization (SEO), and we have diversified our techniques to integrate LinkedIn marketing, email marketing and much more.


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