Project: VitraPlus – Thermos and Caulking

How a local company based in Laval and serving the Greater Montreal area increased its daily call volume by a factor of 4.

About the organization

Established in the Greater Montreal area for several years, VitraPlus has carried out over 10,000 installations and repairs within a radius of over 200 kilometers of Montreal. Whether it’s caulking or thermos replacement, their services are guaranteed for 10 years! This gives you peace of mind for many years to come.

Having never succeeded in attracting web customers with their main Wix-based website, we developed a two-stage strategy consisting of a landing page composed of a multi-step submission form coupled with a Google Ads strategy.

Short and sweet

Working with VitraPlus was simple, fast and efficient. Within 48 hours, the campaign was reporting no fewer than 4 customer calls per day.

Our objectives

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Our objectives with this project

Build an optimized landing page for their services

An optimized landing page allows customers who find our Google Ads campaign on the Internet to fully understand our services and request a quote either by phone or by e-mail using our multi-step form.

Creating an effective, localized Google Ads campaign

Analyze the local market for window repair services, caulking and thermos to create a Google Ads – Search campaign to reach customers looking for these services.

In addition to the Search Terms campaign, a Display Ad remarketing campaign was developed to reach prospects who had not converted the first time.

Integrate a multi-step submission form

Some customers prefer to call, while others prefer to fill in a web form. We therefore decided to integrate a multi-step form to reduce the psychological friction of filling in a form that is too long. The results of such a seemingly innocuous measure? 21.38% conversion rate (!)

Build a Facebook Messenger list with live chat

Do you ever have a question you want answered quickly? If so, you may be one of those people who prefers to communicate via live chat. A Messenger chat was therefore integrated into the landing page , using software called ManyChat to automate responses.

Do you want to increase your sales and acquire more customers through the Web?

Strategies deployed

Needs analysis

Before doing anything, it’s important to understand the customer’s needs.

These were clear and precise… to be on the first page of Google for its main services:
– Window caulking
– Thermos repair
– Window mechanism repair

All this in the greater Montreal area (an area that had to be limited to Laval and Terrebonne after a few days, due to too many customers. Two additional road crews had to be hired).

Creating the landing page

To avoid overloading potential customers with a mountain of services and information, a landing page separate from the main website was essential.

So we decided to go with a page focusing on converting potential customers.

A multi-step form and several mobile and desktop call-to-actions were strategically placed on the site, with excellent results.

Planning your Google Ads strategy

To attract customers looking for their services, we decided to opt for an acquisition strategy via Google Ads.

As you’ll see in the section below, the results exceeded expectations, with a customer acquisition cost of $8.07/appointment and a conversion rate of 21.38% (!).

Monitor results

To get a clear idea of the results, we provided our client with access to his exclusive dashboard so he could watch the campaign’s progress live.

Within 2 weeks, VitraPlus was unable to keep up with demand and had to hire two additional road crews.

Another great success!

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We started from scratch with VitraPlus and had to build an acquisition strategy quickly in order to meet a crying need in the local market. We went back to basics with a conversion-optimized landing page and a Google Ads campaign around Montreal.

In less than 48 hours, the Google Ads campaign and landing page were ready, and we got our first customers that day. Several weeks later, this campaign is still achieving impressive results, with a customer acquisition cost of $8.07/appointment and a conversion rate of 21.38% (!).

Two additional teams had to be hired to meet demand.

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