Bringing a bit of technological freshness to such a traditional industry has never paid off so well!

About the organization

In an increasingly competitive environment, our companies need to improve their organization and stand out through performance and innovation. SFH Conseil helps manufacturing companies achieve organizational excellence.

Its founder, Sylvain François-Haugrin, has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Nancy, France, validated in 2005.

In Martinique, he began by teaching and tutoring. This experience enabled him to discover a passion for passing on knowledge. He then joined the corporate world and discovered quality management. It develops the rigor needed to set up and maintain an ISO 9001:2008-based quality system in an industrial maintenance company.

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Creativity in a rigid, corporate world

The rigid, corporate world of international ISO standards is seriously behind the times. Is web-based customer acquisition a solution for this industry?

Our goals

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Our objectives with this project

Build an optimized landing page for their services

An optimized landing page allows customers who find our Google Ads campaign on the Internet to fully understand our services and request a quote either by phone or by e-mail using our multi-step form.

Creating an effective, localized Google Ads campaign

Analyze the international market for ISO training, auditing and consulting services to create a Google Ads – Search campaign to reach customers seeking these services in Canada and French-speaking countries.

Integrate a multi-step submission form

Some customers prefer to call, while others prefer to fill in a web form. We therefore decided to integrate a multi-step form to reduce the psychological friction of filling in a form that is too long.

Build a Facebook Messenger list with live chat

Do you ever have a question you want answered quickly? If so, you may be one of those people who prefers to communicate through live chat. Messenger chat has been integrated into the landing page using ManyChat software to automate responses.

Do you want to increase your sales and acquire more customers through the Web?

Strategies deployed

Needs analysis

Before doing anything, it’s important to understand the customer’s needs.

These were clear and precise: to be on the first page of Google in Canada and internationally for our main services:

– ISO training
– ISO consulting
– ISO standards management

Customers can be in Canada, Europe or Africa.

Creating the landing page

To avoid overloading potential customers with a mountain of services and information, a landing page separate from the main website was essential.

So we decided to go with a page focusing on converting potential customers.

A multi-step form and several mobile and computer call-to-actions were strategically placed on it.

Planning your Google Ads strategy

To attract customers looking for its services, we decided to opt for an acquisition strategy via Google Ads.

Google Ads allows us to be predictable from one month to the next, providing us with stable, quality leads with a high return on investment.

Monitor results

In order to get a clear idea of the results, we provided our client with access to his personalized dashboard so that he could watch the progress made by his site and the campaign live.

Following the campaign’s explosive results and ongoing improvements to the campaign and landing page, the cost of a lead was lowered to $71. This may seem high if you compare it to other areas of expertise, the reason being that the value of a customer in this field can easily exceed $10,000.

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Our customer, Sylvain François-Haugrin from SFHconseil, asked us to create a small revolution in the traditional, low-tech field of international ISO standards.

Following the development of a combined Google Ads strategy and a landing page capable of showcasing its range of services, we succeeded in dominating search results for the various ISO terms both in the local Montreal market and internationally in Europe and Africa.

In less than 14 days, the Google Ads campaign and landing page were ready, and we had our first customers.

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