How we built a website from scratch and got it on the first page of Google in less than 6 months.

About the organization

Specializing in the exterior maintenance of residential and commercial buildings, the 123Entretien team combines know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to offer unparalleled window washing, gutter cleaning and pressure washing services in Greater Montreal.

Prior to our collaboration, 123Entretien had never had a website. So we had to start from scratch and build one from scratch. This made on-site optimization much easier, as we were able to create a perfect SEO structure right from the start. On the other hand, this made the task of getting it ranked on the first page of Google much harder, as it had no authority with Google due to its almost non-existent online presence.

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Start from scratch and create a first-page ranking monster

In other words… how to reach the first page of Google in less than 6 months, from scratch.

Our goals

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Our objectives with this project

Build inbound links to your site

Inbound links to your website from trusted sites and blogs with high metrics (Domain authority & Trust flow) are essential to send clear signals to Google that your website is of high quality and should be on the first page of Google.

Build a web platform for its services

Build a showcase website that lets customers who find it on the Internet know about its services and request a quote quickly and with as little friction as possible.

Integrate an appointment scheduling system

In order to manage the hundreds of customers every month, a system was needed to consolidate estimates and customer information. So we integrated a system called Breezework into their team’s workflow.

First page of Google

Appearing on the first page of Google when people search for your services is essential to your success. No one will see you if you’re on the second page… let alone the 8th…

Appear in the Map-Pack

For local service companies, appearing in Google Maps is essential. A good strategy of citations and inbound links is essential in order to occupy every possible space on the first page (Maps and organic).

GMB (Google My Business) optimization

Good local SEO starts with GMB (Google My Business) optimization. It’s important to ensure that the information you provide is accurate and optimized. It also needs to be enhanced with photos, descriptions and articles so that it can easily find its way to the top.

Do you want to increase your sales and acquire more customers through the Web?

Strategies deployed

Needs analysis

The first step in a successful SEO strategy is an in-depth analysis of the customer’s needs.

These needs were clear and precise… to be on the first page of Google for its main services, which are as follows:
– Window cleaning
– Gutter cleaning
– Pressure washing

Once the services have been identified, it’s time to determine the optimum geographical area. Is it a neighborhood? A city? Several cities?

In the case of 123Entretien, the city of Laval was priority number one.

Market analysis

After defining the customer’s objectives and needs, we had to analyze the competition.

It all starts with an audit of the citations and inbound links of websites ranking on the first page. All this allows us to assess the work required to overtake them and take their position.

A second on-site SEO analysis is required to assess the improvements required on the customer’s site.

Website creation

Once the game plan and content plan are in place(on-site and off-site), it’s time to execute the strategy and start building the website.

Here are a few important points to bear in mind:
– Ease of use
– Fast loading
– Optimized for conversion
– Optimized for mobile

SEO strategy planning

Once the website has been created, we carry out an additional SEO audit to confirm that the on-site SEO is impeccable. Once we’ve received confirmation, we can start the inbound links and citation campaigns ( off-site SEO).

Strategy execution

Following this second on-site audit once the website is complete, it’s now time to execute our link and citation strategy. This means creating hundreds of quality citations and do-follow links to the customer’s site, as well as writing articles to be published on quality blogs in order to increase the website’s DA (Domain authority) and TF (Trust flow).

Monitor results

In order to get a clear idea of the results, we provided our client with access to his personalized dashboard so that he could watch live the progress made by his site and the SEO campaign.

Thanks to the unlimited 24/7 email support included with all our SEO packages, their team could ask us any questions they had, ensuring that we were an integral part of their company’s success on the web.

In less than 6 months, 123Entretien was positioned on the first page of Google for the desired keywords, as well as in the map-pack.

Another great success!


Having never had a website, our customer 123Entretien was aware that his company was lagging behind in terms of technology. He took action and gave us a mandate to catch up quickly. His ideal timeframe? 6 months (!).

Starting from scratch added a touch of difficulty. The website had no authority in Google’s eyes because it was new, and a solid organization of the content calendar and links was put in place.

Within 6 months, the website ranked on the first page of Google for several keywords related to the services offered by 123Entretien, and visitors began to flock to the site.

An English-language version of the website was created following the completion of this project, and now also ranks for several English-language search terms.

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