[Formation Google Ads – Épisode 5] How to optimize our monthly Google Ads campaigns

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Welcome to this new video, today we’re going to optimize your Google Ads campaign. So, after three or four weeks of using Google Ads, you’ve created your first campaign, we’re going to take a look at what’s working and what’s not, and further optimize what’s working to get better figures: a better click on rate, a lower cost per click than what we’re used to, a lower acquisition cost: cost per conversion than what we’re used to, and all this to increase our ROI: return on investment.


Let’s optimize our Google Ads campaigns:

00:45 So here we are on the dashboard of one of my customers who does window washing, window cleaning and pressure washing, so outdoor maintenance, and today I’m going to show you quite simply how to optimize Google Adwords campaigns. month after month, so to be able to optimize a Google Adwords campaign you normally need to have a minimum of one month to complete, or I’ll say a $500 bench start here to have figures that are reliable so pretty big figures that will enable us to get an overview of which keywords need to be removed, which keywords need to be excluded, etc. So how do we do this? Normally we do it once a month and then we start, for example, here on the web interface so what we want to do is select the campaign we want to optimize in the left-hand sub-menu. In our case, it’s NEW Montreal & surroundings. around here we’re going to go down under keywords and then there are four sub-menus here which will appear, so keywords for search networks which are currently the default interface which shows us oops, I’m going to Backer, I’m just going to come back which shows us the keywords which are associated with all our Ad groups on the left here, so what we’re interested in is really going into search term so the whole period here is would be wanted to be always the whole period because if I do just the last seven days we’ll really have a limited view of the keywords, so I’m really going to go over the whole period, once that’s done I’ll quickly explain what a search term is, so a search term if we look here if we look at for example gutter cleaning price is well that was triggered so this is the search term that was triggered by our ad group called gutter cleaning so our keyword that we manually integrated into this Ad group is gutter cleaning but as we remember there are four of this keyword so expression , Broad match , Broad match modified etc.. so the search term so the user indicated on google gutter cleaning price then it was triggered by ad groups gutter cleaning if you look at the figures it was triggered 31 times number of impressions 135 for a click through rate that’s really not bad at around 23% on the other hand what we’re going to want to do is as much as possible the search term is similar to the ad group because the ad group is at , if you remember, we copied the ad group title into our ads themselves, so in the header earn in the main title number one, So the more the gutter cleaning price is on the header, the more the click through rate will increase, the more the click through rate will increase, the more our cost per click will decrease and of course the more our cost per conversion will decrease, so we’re going to improve, so what we do to do this is very simple, we’re going to look together, here I want you to have a look at search term this column and then ad group so we can really see where it differs, as you can see here, I’ve already optimized this account, looking here at the keywords that have been added or excluded, but let’s try to find those that haven’t already been added, we’re going to go down a little, I’m going to go a little fast but it’s just to show you, or to find, excuse me, keywords that haven’t yet been optimized, so here we’re looking at window cleaning good, window cleaning Longueuil is very good because it was triggered by window cleaning, so if we’re going to create a new ad group here to indicate window cleaning with the word Longueuil so you see here that the click through rate is 21% which isn’t really bad but I imagine that when we add the word Longueuil all the people who are going to search for window cleaning Longueuil, we’ll maybe have a click through rate that’s going to be 30 even 35%, so what we’re going to want to do is open another pad so it doesn’t matter it can be Microsoft Word, it can be ( something 05:13 ) you’re going to take notes excellent I put it in front of right here , so here what I’m going to want to do is simply copy , paste I go back to my interface I check it off , and then I’ll show you why so early , we’re going to find another , now who’s going to have to optimize , heein , nettoyage du gouttière ,bon nettoyage de gouttière Montréal was triggered by nettoyage de gouttière first of all I’m sure that when I create a new group called nettoyage de gouttière Montréal then it’ll be Montréal in the ad it’ll increase my chances of a click through rate So all I’m going to do is copy it, paste it and then tick it before we optimize the keywords as such, i.e. the ad groups, we’re going to add it as a keyword to exclude, and since we’re doing this very optimization, we’ll want to add it as a keyword to exclude in the ad group and not at campaign level, because if we add it at campaign level, we’re screwed for all our other ad groups containing these keywords, so the majority of our ads, so we’ll just have to exclude it from the ad groups as such, so window cleaning Longueuil we’ll have to exclude it from window cleaning, and then gutter cleaning Montreal we’ll want to exclude it from the gutter cleaning ad group, all so as not to compete internally, so we don’t want gutter cleaning and our gutter cleaning Montreal ad group to compete with each other and drive up bids, so what we’re going to have to do is register, so excellent, What we’re going to look at together is search terms that are aberrant for our campaign so we’re not optimizing for our ad groups we’re going to want to optimize for our campaign so, for example, keywords that may be in your way it may be keywords from cities that don’t serve you it may be the word price , because you don’t want people looking for price in their search book because they’re people who just want the best price it could be services that you don’t offer, quickly I’ll show you what I’m talking about, so search just keep your eyes in this column here search term so we’re going down we’re going down we’re going down there for now, all in the perfect area for example residential window washing, for example you’re just doing commercial, you don’t want people who are looking for residential window washing, so we’re going to tick it, we’ll go down we’ll go down we’ll go down how to wash windows you clearly want this person to do it for themselves then you don’t want to spend money on someone looking for a homemade method to clean windows for example, you, you want to offer the services so we’ll check it, here we’ll find a third one which would be mobile pressure washer for sale , so I’m not going to run out of pressure washer so I don’t want to appear for these searches, so I’ll select it then I’ll add it as a keyword to exclude from the campaign this time oops! I’m going to register and that’s it, the first part is done, the second part is very important where we simply open our Google Adwords editor.


Open Google Adwords Editor

Once we open our Google Adwords Editor of course it’s always important to download the latest modifications, all the campaigns, so once we’ve entered our google Adwords editor and we’ve downloaded all the latest modifications, we’ll want to select the campaign in the left-hand menu that we want to optimize, so in our case you’ll remember it’s NEW MONTREAL and surroundings, I’m going to go down here and display the ad groups, so what we’re going to do here is optimize the list of keywords in the ad groups we’ve selected that need to be optimized, so we’re going to start with washing vitre Longueuil, so we’re simply going to copy and paste an ad group that’s already in place, so we’re going to Ctrl+C Ctrl+V , So you’ll see it’s called Laval window cleaning on the other hand we want to call it Longueuil window cleaning we’ll copy , we’ll paste we’ll do enter , we’ll go directly to the new ad group we’ve created , double click on it , we’ll go to the left sub menu , we’ll go to keyword so once on the sub menu keyword , we’re going to want to copy and paste the Laval window cleaning ad group, we’re going to find the Laval window cleaning keyword here, we don’t want it to be Laval window cleaning because the group in which, the ad group in which we’re working right now is Longueuil window cleaning, so what we’re going to do is we’re going to make all the selected ones, and then we’re going to indicate Longueuil window cleaning, we’ll of course as I said in each ad group we must have three keywords so it may be that you already have a third keyword to indicate here just modify it in this case if in the code of this ad group there was unfortunately only two, so we’ll add one, if we remember well it will be, well we need three then the exact phrase found here, the exact keyword which is here and then the modified broad query is missing, so what we’re going to do is Ctrl+V we’re going to copy, I’m going to add little extras so that it’s designed as a modified broad query, and voilà and then the last of the steps, we’re going to load the ads so that it reflects our ad group which is called window cleaning Longueuil, we’re going to click here, I select them all, so Ctrl+ A or command A , window cleaning Laval it’s not true it’s window cleaning Longueuil , here in the path it’s not Laval it’s Longueuil then if you have space I still mark window cleaning , and here we have space it fits under box four , we look at them one by one , perfect , perfect ,perfect ,excellent , a little aside here, since this is an old account, it’s been a long time since it was created, title number 3 and description line number two didn’t exist when this ad group was created, so I’d seriously advise you to do the same if you’re watching this video, then adset number three and description line number two are available, fill them in, good, excellent, we’ve just done our first keyword, so as I was saying, normally you’ve got a whole list of keywords to fill in. list of keywords to optimize, we only have two we’re going to go with our second which is gutter cleaning Montreal, so all we have to do is go back to the Dashboard, ad group, I’m going to Ctrl+C – Ctrl+V copy it I’m going to return here Ctrl+C Ctrl+V so it becomes a new ad group gutter cleaning Montreal , I do enter , I double click on it as on the second one we’re going to load our keywords , so these two we select them Ctrl+V enter here I’m going to load them manually so window cleaning , no excuse me it’s gutter cleaning Montreal enter excellent , we go down here , window cleaning Longueuil it’s absolutely not what we want , what do we want it’s our keyword so I’m going to paste , I’m going to capitalize it of course, gutter cleaning Montreal , well there we see we have one character too many so what I’m going to do is I’m going to simply remove the “de” gutter cleaning Montreal , excellent , cleaning no ! eavestrough cleaning I look, eavestrough cleaning Montreal it’s too long, so what I’m going to do is what I’m going to remove ..! gouttière Montréal excellent then of course, the final square must reflect your landing page so if you only have one landing page you have several landing pages depending on your services it’s up to you, excellent so technically we’ve finished our monthly optimization because we’ve just gone through our list so all that’s left to do is integrate the modifications, integrate all the campaigns, integrate everything we let upload our new campaigns, and that’s it, we’ve just optimized our google adwords account.

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